Wheelchair Sales in Yeovil, Trowbridge, Street and the Surrounding Areas

They may look similar, but there are significant differences between the various wheelchair ranges we have in stock at Mendip Mobility Ltd, as each is suited to clients with a variety of specific requirements and special needs. Known throughout Street, Trowbridge, Yeovil and the surrounding areas for our dedication to our work, and the consideration our staff shows to every client, we have found our wheelchair sales increasing significantly over the years we’ve been in business. 

We also stock a wide selection of mobility scooters, power chairs, and other living aids designed to make life considerably more comfortable for those with disabilities or mobility issues. Please check out our gallery for images of what’s available across our three locations in the southwest. 

The wheelchair types sold by Mendip Mobility include:

Prescription Wheelchairs
Self-Propelled Wheelchairs
Transit Wheelchairs
Wheelchair Accessories

How to Choose a Wheelchair

If you think one might be the answer to your inability to get around as easily as you used to, or you’ve suffered an injury which restricts movement, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Will you be able to propel it yourself, or will you require assistance? 

  • How often do you think you’ll be using it? 

  • Will it be required for use indoors, outdoors or both?

  • Is it for use at home or in a care facility? 

  • Will you be folding it up to place in your boot?

  • How much will maintenance and repairs cost? 

  • Is there a suitable range of accessories to go with it?

Of course, our wheelchair sales team advises clients to try out a range in advance in order to select the most comfortable and practical.

Prescription Wheelchairs

Durable and robust, these wheelchairs are manufactured to our Street, Trowbridge and Yeovil clients’ precise specifications which ensures comfort and suitability. As permanent solutions for many, there is also the option to ‘pimp your ride’ with a choice of vibrant colours for the Quickie range’s frame, trim, wheels, and forks.

Self-Propelled Wheelchairs

For clients who are capable of getting around without assistance, we stock several brands of self-propelled wheelchairs. Each comes with cushioned armrests, adjustable footrests, and handles for when you do need some help or a brief respite. Each model is fully foldable with secure braking systems and extra-strong frames.

Transit Wheelchairs

These are also referred to as transport chairs and have lighter frames with smaller wheels. They are specifically used for travelling short distances and require an attendant to manoeuvre them. Easily folded for convenience and transportation, our wheelchair sales team recommend them as the perfect solution for occasional use.

Wheelchair Accessories

In order to ensure you’re as comfortable as possible whilst using your new wheelchair, Mendip Mobility stocks the following accessories at our Street, Trowbridge and Yeovil shops:

  • Elasticated Wheelchair Aprons

  • Fur-Lined Elasticated Aprons

  • Sleeved/Non-Sleeved Wheelchair Macs

  • Cotton-Lined Sleeved/Non-Sleeved Macs

  • Wheelchair Ponchos

  • Cotton-Lined Wheelchair Ponchos

  • Fur-Lined Wheelchair Cosies

  • Folding Wheelchair Umbrellas

  • Padded Gloves with Mesh Ventilation (S, M, L and XL)

  • Secure Belts and Straps for Added Safety and Comfort

  • Storage Bag with Pockets and Drinks Holder

  • Carry Bags for Crutches and Walking Sticks

  • Leg Lifters – For Assistance with Manoeuvrability

  • Curved Transfer Boards – For Moving from Your Wheelchair to a Chair or Bed

  • Lightweight Trays with Moulded Rims and Recesses for Cups with Secure Fastening Straps

Get in touch

To find out more about our wheelchair sales, visit any of our mobility shops or call us directly on 01458 448355 (Street), 01225 764800 (Trowbridge), or 01935 713676 (Yeovil).

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