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We do our best at Mendip Mobility Ltd to make sure our clients who wish to remain as active as possible can do so in comfort. As a result, we stock a range of mobility equipment and walking aids to assist you in your everyday life. Along with our home-based living aids, we guarantee you will find the majority of your regular activities easier to manage with these rollators, walking frames and sticks. 

With mobility shops in Street, Trowbridge, Yeovil and the surrounding areas we cover in Somerset and Wiltshire, we’re your one-stop shop for all mobility equipment in the southwest.

Walking Frames
Walking Sticks & Accessories

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We keep a wide range of stock available for our clients to try out at each of our shops, and our friendly staff are happy to offer advice based on our wealth of experience which, between us, spans over eighty years. 

If you’re suffering from a disability, short-term illness or injury, then we can help you remain mobile and independent. Our walking aids are designed to support you without compromise and are produced to the highest standards.

Walking Sticks

If you just need a little help getting around, a walking stick may suit you better than any of our more permanent mobility aids. We also sell them with ergonomic and contoured handles to suit both left- and right-handed clients. If you’re looking for additional stability, have you considered our range of tripods and quadrupods? With wider bases, they’re suited to users who find themselves leaning on their walking sticks a little more and are fully adjustable. 

Our folding walking sticks are perfectly suited for our Street, Trowbridge and Yeovil clients who are looking for temporary assistance when out and about. They can be quickly folded to fit into a larger handbag or suitable carry pouches. And, not forgetting, they are available in a range of colours and patterns to suit individuality and personal taste.

Walking Frames

Designed to provide stability and reassurance, our walking frames are produced from lightweight aluminium which is known for its immense strength. Each is fully adjustable to suit your height and we stock a range of widths for comfort. Our standard range is available with four ferruled feet, or two with additional front wheels. For convenience, you can also attach a net bag to the frame to help you transport items around the home.

As part of our renowned mobility equipment range, we sell the Deluxe Folding Walker at each of our shops as well. Also fully adjustable, it folds to a width of 100mm – or just under 4” – at the touch of a button. It’s lightweight as well, and very convenient for clients who are looking for walking aids to fit into a car or accompany them on public transport.


These offer the same support as a walking frame with additional wheels for better mobility. The majority contain padded seats so you can rest when required, and storage facilities for personal items which leave your hands free to steer and operate the built-in braking systems. Available with three or four wheels, they are compact, convenient, and perfectly suited for both indoor and outdoor use throughout Street, Trowbridge, Yeovil and the surrounding areas. 

We also stock the following specialist rollators at Mendip Mobility:

  • Walker Trollies

  • Adjustable Walker Trollies

  • Deluxe Shopping Trollies

  • Let’s Go Indoor Rollators

Many clients prefer to use a frame or walking stick indoors and select one of our robust and reliable rollators for outdoor use.


Mendip Mobility also has the following mobility equipment accessories in stock at each of our shops:

  • Buckingham Walking Frame Caddies

  • Walking Stick Clips

  • Walking Stick Wrist Straps

  • Ergonomic-Handled Crutches

Whether your requirement is short-term, or you’re looking for a permanent solution to your mobility needs, talk to our knowledgeable and highly experienced teams at Mendip Mobility. We’re here to help you get around easier whilst maintaining your independence.

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For more information about our mobility equipment and walking aids, visit any of our mobility shops or call us directly on 01458 448355 (Street), 01225 764800 (Trowbridge), or 01935 713676 (Yeovil).

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Street Branch
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Trowbridge Branch
Trowbridge Branch
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Yeovil Branch
Yeovil Branch
41 Forest Hill, Yeovil, BA20 2PH
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