The Vista DX mobility scooter has increased 50Ah battery size which offers an impressive range of up to 34.5 miles. In addition to better range the luxury Captain’s seat and added suspension offers more comfort and support. This makes it great for people who require a multi-purpose scooter and want to stay out for longer with friends and family.

The Vista DX mobility scooter enters the market of small to midsize products giving it extremely good turning manoeuvrability. It benefits from the quick release feature which dismantles into 6 easy-to-lift sections for transporting in your car. Its features include easy access tiller charging and delta handle bars plus the all-round suspension offers added comfort.

Available with solid or pneumatic tyres.

Introducing the exclusive Rascal Vista mid-size pavement scooter. Benefiting from the quick release feature it dismantles into 6 easy-to-lift sections for transporting in your car. The compact & slim-line style offers plenty of legroom yet it is still extremely robust with generous turning manoeuvrability, making it ideal for everyday use.

Its features include easy access tiller charging & delta handle bar plus the all-round suspension offers added comfort. Available with solid tyres as standard.

The lightweight Folding Scooter has been designed to allow users to simply transport and store their scooter, making it ideal for easy travelling.

  • Top speed of 4mph
  • Maximum range of 13 miles on full battery charge
  • Folds to a compact size within 15 seconds
  • Compact scooter designed to fit into small car boots
  • Lightweight folding scooter weighs in at only 27.5kg (60lb), making it ideal for cruises, flights and bus trips
  • Scooter can be folded and unfolded using the remote control or buttons on the tiller of the scooter itself
  • Comfortable padded seat and backrest
  • Carry handle allows the scooter to be easily lifted in and out of car boots
  • Automatic electromagnetic brake system
  • Height adjustable tiller to suit user requirements
  • Solid puncture proof tyres
  • On-board charging, with batteries included as standard
  • Ground clearance of 40mm
  • Rear anti-tip wheels as standard
  • Anti-roll back system safety device prevents scooter from rolling backwards on hills
  • 25.9V 10ah lithium ion airline friendly battery
  • Available in Electric Blue
  • Weight capacity of 125kg (19.7st)

The lightest 4 wheel mobility scooter on the market. Manufactured from an aircraft-grade aluminium frame and fitted with a powerful lithium battery pack.

The Illusion is fast and easy to take apart and reassemble with the heaviest disassembled part weighing under 10kg! This makes it so much easier to handle especially when lifting in and out of a vehicle.

The Illusion is also super comfy with its front and rear suspension and luxury padded seat guaranteeing you an enjoyable driving experience. This scooter also allows users of  varying heights ample leg room with its flowing front shroud.

Designed to give exceptional manoeuvrability both indoors and out, the Sapphire 2 is a 4mph portable mobility scooter that separates into 4 easy to manage parts. Dual handles fitted to the batteries and rear drive unit make lifting and handling your mobility scooter safer and more manageable, whilst powerful LED lights on the front and rear ensure you’re always seen on your travels. The ergonomic floor panel design also provides maximum legroom compared to other mobility scooters in its class.

Simple disassembly without the hassle of cables or plugs, the one-touch Sterling lock separates both halves of the mobility scooter for easy portability and stowage. Simply lift off the seat, lift out the batteries, and lift the rear STERLING lock handle to separate the front and rear of the mobility scooter.

The Liberty Vogue mobility scooter provides the ultimate in luxury, comfort and ease of use. The  full front and rear suspension complete with luxury padded seat gives a fantastically comfortable and enjoyable driving experience.

The lightweight design allows you to quickly and safely lift the scooter into and out of the boot of your ca. This combined with the user-friendly splitting design enabling you to assemble and disassemble the scooter quickly and easily. The unique design of the front shroud and the fully adjustable seat allows users of all heights to have a comfortable and spacious seating position.

For those who want to travel extra miles or would just like the assurance of larger batteries, then the interchangeable battery box enables a quick and cost-effective upgrade from the standard 12AH batteries to larger 21AH batteries. Extra user-friendly features include the easy to access tiller charger port, LED light and delta tiller. With its wide range of stylish colours the Liberty Vogue mobility scooter offers you freedom in more ways than one!


Mini LS ForU Compact & Transportable!

Light weight compact scooter that will be your best companion for easy travelling and convenience, making everyday trips a pleasure .

The Rascal Veo is a robust and highly manoeuvrable travel scooter that is great for both indoor and outdoor use.

It has among the best legroom of any scooter in its class and a really easy to use ‘take apart’ mechanism.

With its delta-bar tiller and striking modern styling, the Veo is the ideal solution if you regularly need to transport your scooter into the boot of a car.

The Liberty is an ultra lightweight scooter which allows for quick and easy transport in style and comfort. It has outstanding legroom, a fun youthful design, fast and easy to assemble and disassemble and incredibly light and easy to handle.

The new KYMCO K-Lite mobility scooter has been designed to give the ultimate in transportability, manoeuvrability and performance. Designed with lightweight components and utilising ergonomic dismantling mechanisms.

The Elite Traveller®’s compact design allows it to maneuver easily within tight spaces while providing stable outdoor performance. The Elite Traveller®’s unique design enables it to have a quick and simple Feather-touch disassemble.

A sophisticated new modern design from ‘Pride®’ the Elite Traveller® LX mobility scooter offers luxurious features convenient functionality like a wraparound delta tiller with a high level charging port, LED kerb light and large storage basket together with a compact, easy to transport design. Sleek styling complements the Go-Go Elite Traveller LX’s abundant features making it an exceptional travel mobility choice.