The Omega 8 is perfect for luxury travelling with the optional ‘All Weather’ Canopy, the Omega allows you to travel in comfort and style come ‘rain or shine’! The high capacity 1500w motor with the 75Ah batteries give you the ability to travel long distances with exceptional comfort and speed, restoring your freedom and giving you new experiences everyday. With the large 13” tyres and the all-round suspension, the Omega can clear high ground and travel over rough terrain offering you more flexibility in where you travel. A fully adjustable Captain seat (which takes up to 28st) gives a large spacious seating and driving position and ensures exceptional amounts of comfort, perfect for all users.

Thanks to the gas-assisted tiller, adjusting the driving controls is simple. Choosing the ‘All Weather’ Solid Canopy option allows you to travel in comfort in all weathers. The heavy duty vinyl sides guarantee you further protection and are also easy and simple to roll-up out of the way when not required.

Encircle your body using purposely designed technology – enabling you to take to the road in ultimate comfort, all day long.

Ultra-Soft Suspension ensures you can navigate any environment from your local cobble streets to the rural off-road tracks.

Your heavenly hot seat
• Heated seat activated using simple touch button.
• Crafted with highly durable, easy clean fabric.
• Four-way adjustable driving position.
• Independently moving arm rests ensure complete posture stability.
• 90-degree swivel facilitates effortless access.

Available to view at out Yeovil shop – offer available on white model only

The modern stylish looks of the Royale 4 Mobility Scooter set it apart from the traditional mobility scooters on the market today. The Royale is packed full of features previously not seen on a mobility scooter.The sleek sporty look of the Royale hides a mobility scooter packed full of amazing features. For your comfort we have all round independent suspension and a Captains seat with adjustment to recline the backrest, armrest width and with sliding forward and backward motion the result, is a smooth ride wherever your journey takes you.

The modern robust styling is backed by two 70ah batteries and a powerful 1300 watt motor, on a full charge the Royale 4 Mobility Scooter has a maximum range of up to 31 miles. The large 16” wheels with pneumatic tyres to make light work of the roughest terrain. Couple this with a maximum rider weight of 32 stone the Royale 4 Mobility Scooter is a powerhouse.Safety is as much a part of this scooter as its style and sporty look, capable of reaching a maximum speed of 8mph the Royale 4 handles stopping using the standard motor brake.

The Royale 4 Mobility Scooter has the latest technology at your fingertips with a luminous LCD control panel which gives you all the information you need, in an elegant and easy to read display. The scooter can be used as a powerful 8mph scooter or switched to low speed 6 mph pavement mode at the touch of a button. To enable easy manoeuvring the drive can be switched on the scooter from forward to reverse at the simple touch of a button.The Royale Mobility Scooter is an example of the latest technology and styling being used to create a safe, robust and powerful modern machine for today’s mobility scooter user who demands more from their machine.

Midi XLS ForU!… Comfort and Style! The new elegant Midi XLS, compact deluxe 8 mph scooter offers you the ultimate in comfort and performance, making everyday life more enjoyable!

Maxi XLS ForU… Rugged , Reliable Comfort!

The new rugged Maxi XLS 8 mph scooter offers you the ultimate in high performance, making even rough terrine comfortable!

The Agility is mid size 8mph/12.8 km scooter and has been designed to provide the user with the ultimate in performance, luxury,comfort and maneuverability.It has been designed using the very latest technologies, it will delight and surpass your mobility expectations.

With stylish large 12-inch-305 mm low profile alloy wheels and a fully adjustable suspension system, this new model will provide you with the ultimate in comfort. Even when driving in the more challenging tough environments you will enjoy a trouble free and comfortable journey.

he MAXER ForU is an 8mph scooter that is the next generation! It brings modern features to enhance your everyday life. Utilising the latest technology, MAXER delivers the very best specifications available on a mobility scooter

The Vita E Mobility Scooter is a sleek model, perfect for towns and busy places. With a slender wheelbase to help negotiate through tight spaces, and full all-round suspension to ensure that your drive is a comfortable one, navigating busy streets and twists and turns has never been easier.

This 8mph scooter is a streamlined, contemporary model that offers unrivalled value, and with its range of up to 28 miles from a single charge, it’s perfect for anyone who wants to take longer trips, use their scooter for long periods of time, or use it for short trips multiple times a day.

This easy-to-manoeuvre Vita E mobility scooter can be controlled by anyone and with the ability to work up a 17% gradient with a 7cm general ground clearance, the Vita E is the perfect scooter for new and seasoned users alike.

This 66cm wide, 137cm long scooter is an agile model, making it easy to move through towns and busy streets. Plus, with the full suspension and pneumatic tires, it is just as good in more rural settings as well.

As the Breeze S4 chassis is now more compact, levels of maneuverability have been improved even further, which is ideal for use around town. Breeze S4 still delivers the optimum experience in an urban environment,the new model has advanced dual front and rear braking systems that deliver a very responsive action in forward motion and automatic engagement if the scooter rolls backward for maximum safety.

The ergonomically designed tiller can now be positioned more accurately to meet the owners’ exact requirements as adjustments can be made more delicately. These deliver levels of stability never seen before in the industry and will ensure users weighing up to 200 kg (31.4 stone) remain comfortable and in complete control even over uneven terrain.

The luxurious, orthopedic seat is also fully adjustable for maximum day-long comfort and now incorporates 360o swiveling for easy side transfers in and out of the cockpit. Heavy-duty batteries are available, which give an impressive range of up to 45 km (30 miles) on one charge.

The TGA Supersport is an 8mph scooter and does a range of 30 miles (48 Km). It has superb stability and manoeuvrability.It covers all types of rugged terrine and has high ground clearance.Its looks borrow many design features from the motorcycle industry.

The Vita has full suspension featuring double wishbone suspension at the front, and a mono shock absorber at the rear utilizing revolutionary technology from the motor cycle industry.

A robust rear wheel drive system propelled by a powerful motor will provide one of the smoothest and most comfortable rides that you will find. 4 mph for pavement use or 8 mph for use on the road.

The Breeze Midi contains everything you need for the very best in mobility scooter travel, in two, new brilliantly light and manoeuvrable models. We have taken all the elements that make the bigger Breeze models industry leading classics, state of the art engineering, comfort, safety, performance and reliability – and combined them in two nimble, easy handle packages.

The Breeze Midi brings you a host of high quality features and equipment,including all round, fully active suspension, easy to use controls and energy absorbing bumpers.