Optimus 2 RS

King of the Off-Road


Whether you need to make a long trip around town or want to go off road, the Optimus 2 will take you there. Large pneumatic front wheels make short work of kerbs, gaps and make boarding trains and buses easier. Ride in comfort and safety with a range of seating systems and options, without sacrificing manoeuvrability.


  • Robust and outstanding climbing ability 950 watt transaxle motor & gearbox plus big battery will tackle short trips or long distance
  • Crash tested for safety – Complies with international ISO 7176- 19 crash test requirements
  • Front wheel drive with pneumatic tyres with studded tread capability
  • High quality German design and manufacture. Made to last with the highest quality components

The RS edition includes Black Chassis & Rims, Black/Red ErgoSeat, Upholstery & Calf Strap, Red Calf Strap attachment, Motor Release Level, Drum Brake & safety reflector signal.

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