Omega Canopy_Rolled up_Mendip_Mobility
£4500 £4200

The Omega 8 is perfect for luxury travelling with the optional ‘All Weather’ Canopy, the Omega allows you to travel in
comfort and style come ‘rain or shine’! The high capacity 1500w motor with the 75Ah batteries give you the ability to
travel long distances with exceptional comfort and speed, restoring your freedom and giving you new experiences every
day. With the large 13” tyres and the all-round suspension, the Omega can clear high ground and travel over rough
terrain offering you more flexibility in where you travel. A fully adjustable Captain seat (which takes up to 28st) gives a
large spacious seating and driving position and ensures exceptional amounts of comfort, perfect for all users. Thanks
to the gas-assisted tiller, adjusting the driving controls is simple. Choosing the ‘All Weather’ Solid Canopy option allows
you to travel in comfort in all weathers. The heavy duty vinyl sides guarantee you further protection and are also easy
and simple to roll-up out of the way when not required.

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