Power Chairs in Yeovil, Trowbridge, Street and the Surrounding Somerset and Wiltshire Areas

Although similar to the majority of wheelchairs on the market today, power chairs offer the user more freedom to manoeuvre around without the need for self-propulsion. Mendip Mobility Ltd keeps a range in stock to suit the majority of our disabled or infirm clients, with additional features pertinent to each user. For further information regarding our power chair and wheelchair sales, please contact us at our mobility shops in Street, Trowbridge or Yeovil, or drop in to talk to our friendly staff.

Images of all the products we have in stock are available on each relevant page and in our gallery.

The Benefits of Using Power Chairs

Immensely popular due to the independence they afford their users, power chairs are technologically advanced in so many ways and capable of travelling further on single battery charges. As a result, they have greatly improved the daily lives of many clients. 

With adjustable controls and bespoke seating arrangements, Mendip Mobility’s selection of power chairs also boasts all-terrain options which allow our clients to negotiate the outdoors without assistance or concern.


Depending on your capabilities, we have a power chair to suit you. Some of the manoeuvrability options available are as follows:

  • Joystick Controllers

  • Retractable Pull-Handles

  • Programmable Controllers

  • Chin Controllers

  • Sip-and-Puff Pipe Systems

  • Optional Attendant Control

Additional Comfort and Improved Posture

Power chairs help our clients with spinal cord injuries, muscular dystrophy and cerebral palsy, for example, remain in their chairs for longer without experiencing discomfort as the seats are completely adjustable. This promotes independence whilst offering security and reliability. 

For clients in Street, Trowbridge, Yeovil or the surrounding areas who can’t propel wheelchairs on their own or have difficulty operating devices due to arthritis or injury, the ease of use is a welcome change and a chance to enjoy freedom and independence in a pain-free environment.

Outdoor Use and Public Transport

Our power chairs are capable of travelling greater distances on a single battery charge, depending on the model and battery size. They are also available in a range of driving options – front, rear-wheel or mid-wheel – which makes navigating terrain or indoor facilities a lot easier. 

Due to the adjustable positions offered by our range of power chairs at Mendip Mobility, our Street, Trowbridge and Yeovil clients can travel on buses and trains with considerable ease. This benefit offers more freedom and travel options.

Space Saving Bonuses

Unlike larger scooters or wheelchairs, it’s extremely easier to turn our power chairs in tight spaces, making them more useful for clients who need mobility assistance indoors. We also sell foldable chairs which can easily fit into boots or stand upright on public transport or beside desks.

Get in touch

To find out more about our power chairs and wheelchair sales, visit our mobility shops or call us directly on 01458 448355 (Street), 01225 764800 (Trowbridge), or 01935 713676 (Yeovil).

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